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Baptisms (also known as Christenings) take place in Beulah in Sunday morning worship. This begins at 10.30am. Most commonly it is a baby or small child who is brought for baptism and in such cases this is our usual approach:

It will be in the first half of worship and there are activities for children and young people to join in after the baptism, including a crèche. We try very hard to make it a relaxed and informal environment, and we want you to feel welcome. We also want you to help shape the service. You can choose hymns and readings, and if there’s anyone in your family or friends who would like to read or take part in any way they will be very welcome.

The baptism itself is built around three sorts of statement. Firstly, a statement giving thanks to God for the birth of your child. Secondly, a statement about trying to be a loving parent. Thirdly, a statement about faith in God. We try to reflect the church’s understanding of baptism as well as the parents feelings of thankfulness in the words we use. Godparents are asked to promise their support to you and your child, and the congregation also make a promise.

We invite all the children to come and stand around us at the baptism itself. After the baptism itself I always take the child for a ‘tour’ of the congregation so that everyone can meet and coo over them. If you have older children we try to include them in big brother/sister promises and accompanying me on the ‘tour’. We then have a prayer for your child and for you as parents/parent and present you with a baptismal certificate and candle.

Giving thanks to God for your child:

......... do you give thanks to God for ....?

I do.

Promises about being a parent

You have brought ...... into the world, do you commit yourselves to care for her/him nurturing her/him into adulthood confident in your love?

I do.

(We also encourage older brothers and sisters to make a promise)

To the god parents:
Do you promise to support and encourage n, making time for him/her whenever s/he turns to you, helping him/her and the family in all the ways you are able?

I do.

A statement of faith

.............. you have come seeking baptism for ...... , do you trust in the love Christ has for you and for ...... and promise to nurture her/his faith in Christ?

I do.

We also baptise young people and adults where they have not been baptised before and this is conducted in similar pattern to the infant baptism but with different promises. Contact us for more information.


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