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Godís Garden @Beulah

This resource is designed for young children accompanied by an adult, in order to encourage a sense of wonder at Godís world and a sense of Godís presence with us, as individuals and as a Church community.

Please use it as feels most natural to you Ė the questions are suggested to prompt curiosity and to engage the imagination.

You might combine using this material with a guessing game such as ĎI spyí, or a treasure hunt. You can follow the order as given or use the material more randomly.

We would love to hear from you as to how your child has spent their time in this garden or how you think we might develop this resource.

Any comments, thoughts or reactions to the Prayer Walk would be welcome on our Facebook page Beulah URC or Email:

Welcome to Godís garden @Beulah.
Take a moment or two, if you will
And then you will surely discover
God speaking, so shhh, be still.

1. Sit on the bench

What can you see?
What can you hear?
Can you smell anything?

Eyes to see the wonders of Godís world
And ears to hear the sounds of nature too.
We look and listen and learn of God
Who made all things Ė even me and you.

2. The painted bench

Someone has been painting - what colours are here?
Who do you think has done thisÖ and why?

We work with God to make a garden
That gives pleasure and gives life.
With colours bright and bold we say
ĎIím glad you are here - have a great dayí.

3. Vegetable growing

What is growing here?
Do you know what was planted, for these to grow?
Are they ready for eating yet?

From tiny seeds and bulbs and beans
A miracle occurs by stealth
New plants, the vegetables we eat
To keep us in the best of health.

4. Herbs

Take a sniff to smell these plants. Sometimes picking and rubbing a single leaf releases the smell.
Which ones do you like?
What could you use these plants for?

Herbs and spices we can grow;
Some make our food delicious.
Some are used in medicines
To heal us from an illness.

5. The cross sculpture

What do you see here?
Do you see anything that reminds you of Jesus?

Jesus died upon a cross,
They thought it was the end.
But we are glad that he lives on
To be our friend.

6. Stone sculpture

Why do you think this person is covering his or her face with their hands?
What are they feeling?
Can you think of other people who might feel like this?

Sadness, shame or guilt we feel
When things in life go wrong.
We can ask for Jesusí help, and pray
That he will make us strong.

7. Compost bins

What is in these containers?
What are they here for?

Weeds and grass and leaves decay
But put them in a heap, just so;
And they will make fresh compost which
Will feed new plants and make them grow.

8. Rainbow

Have you seen rainbows somewhere else, recently?
Do you know what makes a rainbow?

When the rain is falling and we are sad
And sun shines through to make us glad -
A glorious rainbow appears up above
To bring back our smiles and fill us with love.

9. Canolfan

What is behind these windows?
What happens in these rooms?

We meet with our friends to learn about Jesus,
We are part of His church today.
God bless all of His children, and
May we meet again soon, we pray.


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